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Newborn Sessions


Welcome to a whole new world

Whether you're a new parent or you are having your second or third child, newborn babies come to our lives to turn our wold upside down. Am I right?

My lifestyle newborn session goal is to make each portrait unique and special, because that's exactly what your new baby is. Even if your baby is a couple of weeks old, you've already built a special connection since the first day, and to capture that connection is what I'm there for.


About the session

The photo session can take place in your living room, bedroom, nursery, and it will include a variety of images of baby details, family portraits, candid moments, sibling photos (furry siblings are invited too!), baby led posing, and nursery details that for sure you don't want to forget after putting so much effort on them!

The ideal time of the day for these sessions is at mid day so we can have plenty of natural light.

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