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Gabriella Pruzzo


Gabriella is a Chilean artist born in 1989. Her favorite technique is to mix watercolor and ink with digital intervention, bringing to life cute and unique characters. Her work includes decorative artwork, product designs, branding and logos, and children's books.
Gabriella — or Vieli, as most of her friends call her, has a bachelor’s degree in business
administration and a diploma in arts. Her work is inspired mostly by animals and nature, which she admires due to their beauty and complexity.
Vieli moved into Chicago in 2016 and fell in love immediately with the city, especially with its parks, where she often spends time searching for new inspiration. In The Windy City, she partnered with another Chilean and close friend, both with experience in the retail industry. They started their own store in the US, selling products online through multiple channels. Their most successful products are a series of wall decals designed by Vieli. She created a broad set of designs that allow people to turn their kid’s rooms into awing spaces, full of magic, and beauty. Animals, patterns, mountains and plants — customers combine them freely to make their own spaces.
Other products include decorative accessories, pillow covers from Turkey, and baby products.
Most of these are sold through Amazon and Etsy.
If you want to see a little bit of her art and products, you can visit or follow her on Instagram @vieli_arte

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