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Daniela Ancira



A wonder woman...

Daniela is a lawyer and holds a Masters Degree in Human Rights and Democracy. She is founder of La Cana, Products with Cause, a social dedicated to training and providing employment to women in prison as well as creating social reintegration programs, through the implementation of workshops and activities aimed at the integral development of women, in order to contribute to reducing recidivism and delinquency rates in Mexico. La Cana has won attention in Mexico for its unique selling proposition: producing handcrafted products by women in four prisons in Mexico. In just four years, Daniela and her team have been able to establish a well-known brand (La Cana) and reached notoriety because of the financial empowerment it brings to imprisoned women in Mexico. 


In the professional field, she has worked as a Human Rights attorney, defending victims of torture and enforced disappearance at a national and international level. She has collaborated with several organizations in bringing human rights violation cases before the United Nations and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, as well as to promote the rule of law, combat corruption in Latin America, and coordinate, with civil society, advocacy actions before the Inter-American Human Rights System. Daniela has been a consultant for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime to create the United Nations Advanced Standards for the Mexican Penitentiary System. She has been a legal advisor to children’s families who have been victims of sexual violence; and in private practice has worked in prestigious law firms on issues regarding civil and commercial litigation, Corporate Law and Intellectual Property matters.


Daniela is a fellow of Ashoka, and of the British Council - Future Leaders Connect program; In 2018 she was named Citizen of the Year.

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