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Carolina Izquierdo


Carolina is a professional physiotherapist, passionate about health, and connecting with people. However, ever since she was a little girl, she learned to cook and enjoy this art inspired by a long family tradition.  Inside her home, the kitchen is the most central place: an open room that invites you to talk, eat, and enjoy. She arrived to Chicago in September 2018, where the CookEat concept was born: a space to cook, eat and meet new friends. Through interactive classes, Carolina leads a hands-on experience around her kitchen, preparing recipes from around the world.

In her own words, "the main objective is for people to have fun, relax, enjoy food and take the time to get to know new people." Each lesson is accompanied by a delicious bottle of Chilean wine to experience the appetizers, main dish, and dessert the group prepares. After a great first year with over 50 classes and 100 different recipes, she took the project one step further. She wrote her first cooking book with all the best preparations and pictures of this terrific experience. 

Her idea is to keep these classes a hobby, allowing her to connect with people from different countries and cultures while showing the stamp of Latin cuisine.

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